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Welcome to TEqLOGIC

Satellite TV, Radio, GAS, Telephones, Electricity and Water are all services we have pushed to our homes and offices, without for example having a TV broadcasting station on site, or a gas works. We consume these services using devices such as TV's or cookers - should IT and Telecommunications be delivered in a similar way? I.e. as an outsourced service.


... Should IT Be Any Different?

If you own a mobile phone, like 1 billion plus others you already subscribe to successful outsourcing.

What is the sense in having expensive computer and telecoms infrastructures when they can be delivered in the same way as other consumer services?

TEqLOGIC's Total Office solution packages our turnkey £200K outsourced computer systems network - Logic Portal and our outsourced telephone system - Logic Portal Telephony, into an easy to use affordable monthly cost per person for your organisation which we call TEqLOGIC Total Office. Our challenge to you is to compare our expertly configured outsourced services to what you currently use, focusing on features and cost per annum.

You connect your computers and phones (without configuration) into our network and instantly obtain state of the art computer and telephony services.

To investigate how to save money and get more features click here >>> Total Office

Our other cost effective services include: